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September 2016

This issue features details about our October conference, an introduction to one of our keynote speakers, two ready-to-use activities, and more…

Back in Bloom
NASAGA’s 2016 Conference in Bloomington, Indiana

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) Conference is THE home for instructional designers, game developers, performance improvement specialists, consultants, trainers, teachers, and educators who use active learning methods to increase engagement, enhance retention, and improve performance. It’s an interactive experience to Brainstorm, collaborate, and play games!

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Get to Know Bernie DeKoven
By Chris Saeger

Bernie DeKoven is a leading fun theorist who has shown over the course of his 45 year career how playfulness can positively affect every aspect of personal, interpersonal, community, and institutional health. He will be a keynote presenter at NASAGA 16 in Bloomington IN this October. Read More

Ready Activity:  Sheep and Shepherd
By Becky Rice

Using only a whistle, shepherds guide their flock of blind sheep into the pen. Each team needs to come up with a very good plan… Read More

Serious Games in Graduate Nursing Education
By Joshua Peery and Pamela Reis

In order to make a successful serious game, a designer must understand the theoretical basis for how learning is achieved… Read More

Ready Activity:  Balloons and Pins
By Becky Rice

Quick, fun, and simple, this activity demonstrates the value of team work.  It will get everybody energized, moving around the room and… Read More

Whether or Not to Wing It
By Brian Remer
The styles of the major party candidates in the US presidential race are completely different.  But the two politicians raise a question relevant for leaders, learners, trainers, and game designers… Read More