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February 2016

From the Chair: Conferences and More
by Samantha Knight

Our adventures at the conference in Seattle, led by John Chen and Jeannette Davidson, had us journey into space, gallivant around the city, explore new technology and trends, compete in a conference game via a conference app, and network with over 70 people from around the world.  Read More

NASAGA Conference 2016 Call for Proposals

Have you ever considered facilitating an interactive session at a gaming and simulation conference? If so, now is your chance to share those experiences and have fun with like minds! We have opened the call for such proposals and want to hear from you. We are back in Bloomington Indiana on the campus of Indiana University October 26-29, 2016  and you are invited to join in the fun.  Read More

From Zombies to Mathematicians
by Damond Crump and Ryan Booth

Student endurance in middle school math classrooms is often a challenge. Math concepts in general take a long period of focus and grappling with ideas until a concept of the topic is developed by the students. Traditional models such as lecture become tedious and… Read More

The Evolving SIMAGES Article
by NASAGA members like you

As a NASAGA member you are invited to play along in the creation of this article.  Here are the rules:  Respond to the following Question Prompt and add to the body of knowledge:  “What are you reading right now and how does it add to or detract from your work?”  Read More

Why I Keep Coming Back to NASAGA
by Beth Levine

I have to be honest.  When I think of NASAGA, my immediate associations are:  love, laughter, learning.  One might expect learning to be the first association with a professional development organization.  And so it was when I left my first conference in Portland 18 years ago.  Read More

Greg Koeser Recognized for Lifetime Achievement
by Linda Keller

The Ifill/Raynolds Award is a memorial award for outstanding contributions to simulation gaming. Through it, NASAGA recognizes one of its members who develops and/or uses simulation games with joy and serious purpose…Read More

Goals Beyond Competition and Collaboration
By Tom Fennewald

Collaborative, competitive, or something else:  which kind of game best fits your needs?  Using games can make facilitated workshops come alive in ways that are engaging and memorable for participants. Think for a moment about the kinds of games you have enjoyed playing… Read More

A Solution for “Exam-Based” Education in Hong Kong
by Yeung Siu Kit (Dennis)

I believe in Hong Kong (and most areas in Asia), learning is far from fun. Or to be more accurate, learning in these places happens in tedious ways:  mainly endless repetition, homework and stressful exams. Recently in Hong Kong…   Read More

2015 Rising Star Award
by Linda Keller

Every year at NASAGA conferences, game designers, consultants, educators and business professionals are exposed to both classic and new strategies for enhancing learning and designing games. This year, we had the opportunity to participate in something new – sessions focused on unique ways to market ourselves and our products.  Read More

Using Activity Theory to Design Game-Based Learning Environments with Intentionality
by David Phelps

As a designer of game-based learning environments for students I have found it invaluable to integrate reflection questions into my design process. I created the following series of questions based upon a particular educational theory that emphasizes… Read More

NASAGA 2015 Conference Scholarship Awards
by Becky Rice

Each year, NASAGA holds an annual conference and awards scholarships for aspiring professionals to attend.  The scholarships pay for the registration fee portion of the recipients’ conference expenses.  This year’s scholarship recipients were Nick Vacarro, Hillary Lauren, and Dennis Yeung.   Read More

Ready-to-Use Activity

Paper Shapes
by Becky Rice

Here is a quick activity to raise issues around what make for positive communication. Read More