Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Gaming

July 31, 2021

Our July virtual conference will focus on how individuals can use diversity, equity, and inclusion in gaming. Each NASAGA session is a fully interactive session where attendees are participants in active learning. We don’t do lectures – this is your chance to experience active learning in a new way through an interactive conference session to help expand your toolbox of ways to engage participants playing your games.

Session 1: Amazing Peanut Chase

1:00 pm Eastern

An adventure across 430 Square miles to show case the unique history and experiences of the Black community of Suffolk, Va. This session will cover how a one day scavenger hunt was turned into a unique educational experience.

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Speaker Bio: Hello everyone! My name is Aidyn Scott, although I imagine that is information included next to my picture. I am currently a Library Services Coordinator in Community Learning at Suffolk Public Library in Virginia. I have a Master’s in Higher Education Administration, worked professionally as a Hall Director at Miami University in Ohio for 5 years and worked in Student Conduct at Old Dominion University for a little over a year. So I am a Libraryland transplant. I love finding ways to incorporate gaming and other forms of activity into learning and finding new and creative ways to engage adult learners in particular. Even though I have been gone for a little over a year, I still consider NASAGA my professional home. Outside of work, I am a husband, all around nerd, wrestling fan, and proud parent to a sassy bunny and a mischievous kitten (you can follow them on Instagram and TikTok @IsisandAsami).

Session 2: Creating your own magical hero – Glitter Hearts character creation.

3:00 pm Eastern

Creating a hero to save the world! Let’s walk through how creating a character is both an individual experience and a group experience at that same time. Using my game Glitter Hearts, we will walk through how to character creation, team creation, and the ins and out of communication that happens when you have to take on both tasks just to start the game. We will walk through the thought process within the book and how that drives the conversation both internally and externally with the players in the game. We will talk through the balancing act of the game master in helping that discussion while we make our own superhero team!


Speaker Bio: Greg Leatherman was born a long time ago in Minneapolis where he still lives with his husband fending off the cold winters. He has been playing RPGs since RPGs were invented starting with Gamma World, then quickly moved on to the basic red-box edition of Dungeons & Dragons back in 1981, and eventually self-published his own RPG in 2020 called Glitter Hearts. He still plays a wide variety of games both online and with friends.

Session 3: Board gaming with DEI and beyond

5:00 pm Eastern

An interactive workshop will discuss how you can incorporate board gaming in your learning space for all contents and also covering topics on diversity and inclusion, biases in the current tabletop community and what changes we need in the industry and most importantly ourselves to make our hobby a more welcoming place for all participants. Come learn, see and play boardgames in a whole different light.


Speaker Bio: Lydia-Rae Wehmeyer resides in St. Louis, Missouri is the Speech and Theatre director at University City High School in the University City School District, located in University City, Missouri.

The district started on a journey to reimagine learning for all students almost four years ago. A core component of that vision relates to three primary pillars, humanize, personalize, and problematize. The humanized pillar has had the most impact on me as an educator as it centers around valuing the whole child through a trauma informed lens. A lens that embraces students as they are, supports well being, and helps teachers develop the skills, resources, and strategies to effectively support all learners.  

Lydia-Rae has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Speech Education from Lindenwood University, Missouri, Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Southeast Missouri State, Missouri and is currently in her 2nd Master’s program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

In her classroom, Lydia-Rae has started “Board Game Friday” where on Friday she introduces her students to her love of board games with a new game each week. After playing, her class analyzes how the games can be used to benefit the actor and themselves. She has been interviewed on several podcasts and been a panel participant on diversity and inclusion and board gaming and will be presenting at Gen Con for Trade Day.

Her passion and goals are to use board games as a more inclusive way to build community, promote diversity of all abilities, strengthen communication and lastly as an additional source to help individuals with trauma.

In her spare time, Lydia enjoys playing board games, painting or checking out the newest restaurant in town. She has two adorable furbabies Peach and Arthur that are her world.

Lydia is currently bringing awareness of board gaming in the St. Louis by holding weekly Wednesday and Friday game nights at local coffee shops to bring all together as a family, one board game at a time.


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