Play Diplomacy with NASAGA

Who’s up for a friendly game of negotiation and betrayal?

Join Jeremy Caddel and other NASAGAns for an online game of Diplomacy via the NASAGA Discord Server. Diplomacy is a classic strategy game that’s often used in the classroom.

Think Risk, but without the dice. If you’ve never heard of Diplomacy, we recommend this article:

It will be a “play-by-post” style game where everyone has 24 hours to submit what they will do on their turn. So, the only time requirement is that you log in once a day to submit your orders. Of course, how much time you devote to negotiating with other players is entirely up to you.

We’ll run the game mechanics through with the backchannel for communications and spectators on Discord.

No experience necessary. There are tutorials on the Backstabbr site and Jeremy can help new players with questions as well.

Here’s what to do!

Once 7 players have signed up, the game will begin automatically. And check in on the #diplomacy-game channel on Discord to discuss or ask questions.

Questions? Email