NASAGA 2020 Conference Goes Virtual

We’re adapting the NASAGA 2020 conference to an online format.  Based on your feedback so far, we plan to spread sessions out over a couple weeks instead of compressing them into a few days.  We’re looking at several exciting possibilities, including international threads for people in European and Asian time zones, and recordings for asynchronous viewing.

We’re looking for more ideas! Please take our NASAGA 2020 Conference Survey. We’re looking for volunteers for the organizing team and proposals for highly interactive educational game-related workshops that you could present via Zoom. A refreshed request for proposals will be posted on a new 2020 Online Conference website within a few weeks. 

Image: Adapted from image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “NASAGA 2020 Conference Goes Virtual

  1. dimple Reply

    that’s great news…looking forward to details and register 🙂

  2. Brian Remer Reply

    I notice the conference is spread over a couple weeks. Any idea of number or frequency of sessions? I would like to build a business case for my employer.

  3. Becky Reese Reply

    This year’s format should make the business case easy! The conference fee is just $90 with no travel expenses. The workshop sessions will be spaced out over the 2 weeks which should make it easier to fit them in without impacting your work as much as being in a conference full time for several days. The workshop sessions will be recorded so although you will not be able to interact that way, you can see the content. There will also be numerous networking and social activities available in each of the 3 time zone tracks. The app for accessing the conference events will also have asynchronous activities to engage with. The number of workshops depends on how many session proposals we receive. The hard deadline is 15 August, so be sure to get them in soon! As always, one of the best features of NASAGA is connecting with other game-based learning professionals to collaborate and learn. What employer wouldn’t embrace that? We look forward to seeing everyone online in October!

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