How the ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Color Wheel Explains Humanity

I wanted to post this article about Magic: The Gathering’s use of colors and the meaning that those colors could hold on different interpretations here.

Although IImage result for mtg color wheel‘m not sure I agree with all that’s discussed in the article, I do think what the article represents beyond Magic: The Gathering is important to consider. The idea that the games we make often have cultural and societal impacts that impact more than our games themselves. Interpretations can be made that may be profoundly impact or disrespectful, can be humanizing or demonizing, can be humbling or make us proud. I doubt that when MTG was originally published in 1993, the consideration the colors being attributed to societal archetypes was considered at all, or at least as much as the fantasy tropes that they came to represent.

We make games to be played by many and we can’t always think of or consider all interpretations, but it’s important to remember that they do exist and that sometimes they go well beyond our own considerations, and that we need to observe ourselves and our creations with a critical lens and critique others with helpful, thoughtful scrutiny.

Happy gaming.

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