Get to Know: Curt Jordan

My name is Curt Jordan: I am the founder and head coach at Kong Academy. I have been working with kids and adults since 1995 to help them improve their minds, bodies, and spirits, by working as a physical therapy assistant, paramedic, parkour instructor, and  special education teacher. 

I founded a company, Kong Academy, which is built to move lives through the power of play. Our community of movers, teachers, therapists, and scientists have created a unique approach to help develop people of all ages to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. We do so by using movement modalities to give real experiences to improve the Social and Emotional skills, and Executive Functioning development of our students, for both kids and adults. 

I believe in Kong Academy because we are a committed community of playful movers and nurturing teachers of diverse backgrounds that banned together to help make the world a better place, and we have seen first hand how it contributes to the development of people in these areas. Through movement and play we are the best learners we can be as we are engaging not just our minds, but our bodies as well, in a way that rewards trying and failure. 

I believe that there is a real need in the corporate and education world for developing healthier relationships, both physical and mental, in workers and learners. Play is central to the happiness and the development of all human beings and through this process people are afforded the opportunity to grow in the competencies of SEL and EF together in the most enjoyable way possible.

For the last couple of years, Kong Academy has created iterative parkour curricula for after school and summer programs. These programs focus on creating a space that affords the opportunity to gain proficiency in the pillars of Social Emotional Learning and Executive Functioning as well as parkour, and mobility.

I’m excited to make this my life’s work because I love to help people be at their best, to move, and play. I’m proud to be living a life, doing work worth doing, with people I love and respect.  

Curt Jordan: Founder, Kong Academy

3100 Airport Way S. Seattle, WA 98134


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