Becky and Chris Saeger

StarPower is a real time, face to face, non-computer based simulation of a stratified society in which top performing group earns the power to make and change the rules of the society. The game explores the use and abuse of power and the impact this has on society. Developed in 1969 by Gary Shirts, this classic simulation has reached more than three million people worldwide. A current application is the use by Emeritus Desmond Tutu (the previous Archbishop) of South Africa in a national youth leadership development program.


Playing the Future: An Asteroid Adventure

Kalynn Huffman Brower, Chuck Needlman, and Anastasia Salter

You’ve been recruited to help build the future of mining by taking advantage of resources found on nearby asteroids. Come join your team and compete with others to secure the future. From mission control you will help your expedition crew maximize the team’s success. To win the game, your team must mine more precious materials than the other team, protect the company’s investment, and of course, make more money!

Participants in this session will first experience this alternate reality game (ARG), and then join others from their mission in debriefing and analysis. We’ll examine how to build, customize, and facilitate this type of game experience for corporate and educational scenarios.


Immersion at the Mote!  A Playful Learning Field Trip

Melissa Peterson and Samantha Knight Presenter at the Mote: Jason Robertshaw

The Mote Marine Lab and Aquarium is a world-class, non-profit oceanographic research, marine animal rehab, and public education facility located on sparkling Sarasota Bay with the longest-running study of bottle-nosed dolphins in the world. Marine scientists and educators there have designed a variety of experiential activities and games to educate the public about their research and about the ocean habitat. Participants on this field trip will be able to experience some of these activities, learn about our oceans, and visit the aquarium on their own.
A shuttle will take participants across the beautiful Ringling Bridge to the Mote facility on Lido Key, where they will learn about the fascinating research being done there. They will then experience an amazing Cinema Immersion interactive movie and game, a playful and effective way to make scientific knowledge accessible to people of all ages. Afterwards, there will be free time to explore the aquarium before the shuttle returns to the Hyatt in Sarasota. This will truly be a wet and wild immersive learning experience — no wet suits required!

Guests of conference attendees are welcome to this excursion. There is a charge of $10.00 payable to NASAGA prior to boarding the shuttle.


Junkyard Games

Greg Koeser and Brian Remer

One person’s junk is another person’s toy. That’s how junkyard games begin! Cast off items form the raw materials for imagination, invention, innovation, and fun in this action-focused session. We’ll gather the detritus of a consumer society and provide a bit of structure. You bring your playful spirit and we’ll let the games begin!

In this workshop you’ll invent a game using found objects then play the games created by other participants. You’ll also learn how to make any activity more engaging and apply what you’ve learned to address an important issue in your workplace.


Bafa Bafa

Sandra Fowler

Originally planned to be a selection instrument for overseas posting by the military, this simulation instead has been one of the most successful preparations for international assignments of students, government, and business personnel for decades.  It has also been used to raise awareness of one’s own reaction to differentness that persons may experience in any setting, such as doctors with patients.  In this simulation, participants divide into two groups, each learning the values and behaviors of a different culture.  Through a series of observations and interactions with each other, participants explore their observations and perceptions, feelings, and strategies for learning and adapting.  It is a powerful shared experience that can be debriefed for various learning objectives.


Mad Designer’s Game Jam
Melissa Peterson and Anastasia Salter

Excited after your first full day at NASAGA? Looking to channel that energy into something meaningfully creative and spend more time with all the people you’ve met? Come get your hands dirty designing and building games and simulations with other passionate NASAGAns.

We will be working through a rapid design process from concept to playable prototype, discussing environment, narrative, and intent, and building a whole bunch of games and simulations. The session leaders will provide a theme to get things started and will be available to help make your plotting into play. No coding or computer skills needed, we will be looking at both digital and analog media, and have development tools to recommend for non-programmers. Join in whenever, the play will be pervasive!


NASAGA GeoPub Crawl – Dine By Design

John Chen

Do you like to eat? Do you like to drink? Do you like to play? Then it’s time for the 1st Annual NASAGA GeoPubCrawl. Part technology, part networking and ALL fun, you’ll join a team and attempt to complete as many challenges as possible as part of a high-tech powered pub crawl. Matching technology with strategic gaming, teamwork and leadership, all the teams will arrive at the final location to a NASAGA celebration and an announcement of the winner, YOU for participating! If you can move, then you can GeoPubCrawl!