The NASAGA 2011 conference in Valley Forge was a success. Look forward to future conferences in Columbus, Ohio in November 2012 and Sarasota, Florida in 2013.

Welcome to the NASAGA 2011 Conference where the Spirit of the Past, Present, and Future of Learning will be explored and how Experience, OD, and Leadership Intersect. The planning committee has been working hard to bring you a valuable and exciting list of keynote speakers, certificate programs, and pre-conference sessions. We are excited to offer the 2011 conference at 2010 prices without sacrificing quality or scope. This page contains all the information you need to learn about the conference and make the decision to join us in the Philadelphia Area in October, 2011.

This conference is sure to generate new ideas, kindle old relationships, connect people, and provide an energy and enthusiasm into our profession that supersedes the past, creates a new present benchmark, and propels us into the future of learning. The conference committee believes taking the time to delve into the connections between experience, OD, and leadership provides an opportunity for NASAGA that hasn’t been explored before. Namely how OD is integral to learning, specifically experiential learning. It is a pleasure to offer an experience for those familiar with NASAGA and those new to NASAGA that is all about providing solutions to the challenges our professions encounter daily.

We also want to take a moment and recognize that NASAGA has historically been held either the first week or second week of October. In preparing a national conference there are many challenges to overcome in terms of scheduling with hotels, other conferences, holidays, etc. It is unfortunate but this year’s conference falls during the time of Yom Kippur. It was an unfortunate oversight, and it wasn’t until after initial dates were released that the conflict was realized. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that even though the conflict may limit your participation in the 2011 conference, you will consider becoming or continuing to be an active member of our website. Membership is free and the discussions are lively and valuable to hone and craft our skills between conferences. In addition, in light of this conflict, we have changed the registration package to make sure that there are a variety of options in terms of conference attendance. Each day has a keynote and incredible sessions to attend.

We are excited to open the Philadelphia area to NASAGA and look forward to seeing everyone in October. In case you have a question, would just like to talk to us, or are interested in volunteering we have created the exclusive NASAGA 2011 conference hotline.

All the best! But more importantly keep on playing!

Ellen Greenberg, Jessie Tobin, Dave Piltz
Nasaga 2011 Conference Co-Chairs

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