Bringing EVERYONE to the Table

Is everyone excited? Bringing EVERYONE to the Table: Universal Design and Accessibility in Gaming, a panel presented by Bethany MacMillan, aims to discuss how we can be more conscience of how we develop games to make them more accessible to everyone. In participating in this panel you should expect to critically think about and identify the lack of accessibility in games and activities, utilize universal design in future gaming concepts, and communicate to others the importance of universal design at the gaming table.


Expect to explore and discuss how games are made substantially different when we see them through different lenses.


Bright colors can add a fun aspect to gaming, but when we don’t ensure the pieces are differentiated by other means, it can make the game inaccessible for some players who identify as having colorblindness, a vision deficiency, or blindness. What have you done to make your games more accessible?


What message are we sending with our games that do not holistically represent our culture? Sometimes certain populations are needed for theme-based games, but when we have the opportunity to represent a more diverse population, we should! Inclusivity helps to make our games more accessible and relate-able to more gamers.


Just a peak of what’s to come! Can’t wait to see everyone at NASAGA this year.

Happy Gaming.

1 thought on “Bringing EVERYONE to the Table

  1. Becky Reese Reply

    Sounds great! I need to make a highly visual sim accessible to a blind person in January. I am interested in ideas. We will provide a sighted interpreter, but we want the player to be as independent as possible.

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