NASAGA is searching for a Conference Programming Chair for the 2018 conference. The Programming Chair will work alongside the Logistics Chair to plan and execute a successful conference. This is a time-sensitive, intense, and rewarding position. The Chair need not be in the city of the conference and may not need to travel for an on-site visit.  This is a volunteer position, but the Programming Chair will be provided with conference registration. This position will begin September 5, 2017.

Responsibilities for the Programming Chair include:

Pre-Conference Responsibilities

  • Prepare publicity to announce the conference by the time the conference of the previous year occurs.
  • Establish deadlines for key elements of the conference.
  • Collaborate with the Logistics Chair throughout planning.
  • Designate a Conference Committee including a Volunteer Coordinator to oversee volunteer duties.
  • Decide on a theme for the conference, and use that theme to guide programming decisions.
  • Collaborate with the Logistics Chair and Treasurer on a budget.
  • Prepare and send out the call for proposals (CFP).
  • Seek out and secure 2-3 Keynote Speakers, serve as liaison to them before and during the conference.
  • Read, rank, and select breakout session proposals.
  • Send out acceptance and non-acceptance letters to all presenters.
  • Collaborate with the Board and Treasurer on applications and selection of scholarships and soliciting sponsorships.
  • Create a tentative and final schedule of sessions and events.
  • Ensure appropriate advertising and visibility of the conference through publicity, featuring the conference in the NASAGA blog as well as other newsletters, contacting the membership list, contacting other membership lists as appropriate, etc.
  • Maintain relationships with presenters to get previews and ensure that all presenters register and are supported throughout the conference.
  • Decide and schedule any special programs, such as field trips and educational entertainment at the gala (if not educational, it  can be the responsibility of the Logistics Chair)
  • Report to the board at each meeting, including financial reporting, to keep the members informed of the progress of the conference planning.
  • Promptly inform the Board Chair of any issues that may impact the viability of the conference.
  • Ensure that a conference evaluation survey is provided to participants within two weeks of the conference, and ensure that the results are compiled and available for future conference planning.

On-Site Responsibilities

  • Arrive at least one day prior to the Pre-Conference to set up and get acquainted.
  • Work with Board and Logistics Chair to set up registration and swag tables.
  • Serve as liaison to Keynote Speakers.
  • Act as the public face and host of the conference, including providing daily announcements and introductions.

Post-Conference Responsibilities

  • Prepare and submit a conference final report (executive summary) as directed to document decisions, activities, results of experiments, evaluation feedback, and recommendations of importance to future Conference Chairs and the Board.
  • Participate in Conference Review as directed by the Board.


  • At least 2 years of involvement with NASAGA (1 as an attendee, 1 as a conference volunteer or conference committee member, can include the 2017 conference)
  • Previous experience with running a conference, whether the previous year at NASAGA or elsewhere
  • Attendance at the preceding year’s conference as Chair-in-Waiting
  • Open to possible travel, depending on programming needs
  • Attention to detail
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Willing and able to use social media
  • Robust professional network is highly desirable
  • One-on-one communication and influencing skills

To apply for this role, please answer the questions below. Tip: Draft in a Word document and then copy and paste into the application form. Application deadline is August 13, 2017.