Some History of NASAGA:

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) dates back to 1962. Originally founded as the East Coast War Games Council, the original organization was devoted to war games. The name of the organization was changed to the National Gaming Council in 1968 as the emphasis of the organization had shifted toward business and economic gaming. The name was changed again in 1975 to the North American Simulation and Gaming Association and the organization continues to meet under this name today. The 2012 NASAGA conference, held in Columbus Ohio, was billed as its 50th anniversary meeting which dates back to the organization beginnings in 1962.

Check out an article in Simulation & Gaming about the early years of NASAGA by Tom Nichols, who was Secretary-Treasurer for its first 10 years and wrote its first constitution. An excerpt:

Perhaps my greatest impact was in the way I took minutes of the annual
business meeting and of the several meetings of the board between conferences.
These minutes are different from anything written before, or since.
“When Dick McGinty smiled, his smile perfectly matched his bowtie like the
equal sign.” “When Cathy Greenblat flashed those hauntingly beautiful dark
brown eyes NOBODY could argue with her.” At a board meeting, I forget
where, when Barbara Steinwachs brought in a rhubarb coffee cake filled with
nuts and spices, I put the recipe in the minutes. Every spring for nearly 20
years I have made the Barbara Steinwachs coffee cake when the rhubarb in
my garden grows to be bright red and tender.

Past NASAGA Conferences

Year City Place Organizer
1962 ??
1963 ??
1964 Miami Beach, FL
1965 McLean, VA
1966 Miami Beach, FL
1967 ??
1968 Monterey, CA Esitoma Park
1969 Washington, DC Peter House
1970 Baltimore, MD Johns Hopkins Univ
1971 Ann Arbor, MI Univ of Mich. Richard Duke & Al Feldt
1972 Baltimore, MD Johns Hopkins Univ Steven J. Kidder
1973 Gaithersburg, MD Bureau of Standards Peter House & Cathy Greenblat
1974 Pittsburgh, PA Carnegie-Mellon Univ Clark Rozen
1975 Los Angeles, CA Univ of Southern Cal Richard McGinty
1976 Raleigh, NC NC Central Univ Lawrence D. Kornreigh
1977 Boston, MA Park Plaza Hotel Barry R. Lawson
1978 Louisville, KY Univ of Louisville Don Ifill
1979 Austin, TX Univ of Texas Ralph Gohring & Pam Clark
1980 Asheville, NC UNC – Asheville Bahram Farzanegan
1981 Washington, DC George Washington Univ Barbara Steinwachs
1982 Ann Arbor, MI Univ of Michigan Fred Goodman
1983 New Brunswick, NJ Rutgers University Shirley Smoyak
1984 Iowa City, IA Univ of Iowa John McLure
1985 Bloomington, IN Indiana University S. Thiagarajan & Mike Molenda
1986 Ann Arbor, MI Univ of Michigan Allan Feldt
1987 Lennoxville, Que Champlain College Tom Cavanagh
1988 Asheville, NC UNC – Asheville Barbara Farzanegan
1989 Indianapolis, IN Beech Grove Center Mary Gilfeather & John del Regato
1990 Durham, NH Univ of New Hampshire Dennis Meadows
1991 Spokane, WA Inn at the Park Kuon Hunt
1992 Ann Arbor, MI Univ of Michigan Fred Goodman
1993 Bloomington, IN Indiana University S. Thiagarajan
1994 Princeton, NJ Trent State College Joao Neves & Rahib N. Sanyal
1995 St. Louis, MO Frontenac Hilton Hotel S. Thiagarajan
1996 Ottawa, Ontario Delta Hotel France-Marie Trepanier
1997 Portland, OR Portland Marriott Leslie Brunker
1998 Atlanta, GA Ramada Plaza Hotel Kevin Eikenberry
1999 San Francisco Holiday Inn Gateway Andy Kimball
2000 Minneapolis, MN Univ of St. Thomas Diane Stoy
2001 Bloomington, IN Indiana University S. Thiagarajan
2002 San Diego, CA DoubleTree Mission Valley Matthew Richter
2003 Montreal, Canada Crown Plaza – Montreal Sonia Ribaux
2004 Washington, DC Georgetown Marriott Chris and Becky Saeger
2005 Manchester, NH Radisson Hotel Manchester Brian Remer
2006 Vancouver, BC Pacific Palisades Hotel Dave Matte
2007 Atlanta, GA Crown Plaza Ravinia Deborah Thomas
2008 Indianapolis, IN Downtown Marriott S. Thiagarajan
2009 Arlington, VA DoubleTree Crystal City Chuck Needlman & Judee Blohm
2010 Vancouver, BC Metropolitan Hotel Dave Matte
2011 Valley Forge, PA Valley Forge Radison Dave Piltz
2012 Columbus, OH Crown Plaza Columbus Jen McCann & Nikki Boeshansz
2013 Sarasota, FL Hyatt Regency Kate Koski
2014 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Harbor Hotel Anastasia Salter
2015 Seattle, WA Hilton Conference Center John Chen
2016 Bloomington, IN Indiana University Christy Cavanaugh
2017 Reno, NV Sparks Nugget Hotel Melissa Peterson & Jeannette Davidson
2018 Rochester, NY Hilton Garden Inn JS Bragg
2019 Chicago, IL Conference Chicago Matt Richter
2020 Virtual Online NASAGA Board
2021 Virtual Online Anna Heinrich & Veronica Brown