Two pre-conference workshops are offered on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

Please make sure you register for these sessions (additional fees apply) and choose one the 2 topics below.

Note that the workshops run from 8:30 to 16:00 and include coffee breaks and a complimentary lunch.

Boost your facilitation with analogies and metaphors
with Hiba El-Khal

There’s this kid, sitting in this amazingly beautiful space,
next to a person they admire and love,
listening to their stories,
dreaming of blue skies,
imagining colored birds,
feeling the breeze,
and enjoying being transferred to an imaginary world of their own.

Are you still here? Curious to know more about the magic power of metaphors and analogies? Why don’t you join me in this interactive workshop to uncover their spirit, their purpose, and their potential impact on our lives. You will visit and meet again your internal child in their imaginative world while reconnecting to a native and universal language. You will discover your favorite types of analogies and metaphors and you will learn how to integrate them in your facilitation so you can smoothly transfer an adapted message to your audience.

About Hiba

Hiba El-Khal

I’m Hiba El-Khal. It is already an analogy full of meaning, possibility, and interpretation. Hiba means « Gift or Gift from God » et El-Khal means « Maternal uncle ». Why don’t you make your own interpretation or first impression of me? I am passionate about human beings and all that is related to him, her, or them. My purpose in life is to promote « the right to BE ». In my perception, every human being has the right to live their life from their own perception, their experiences lived and to live. As a coach and trainer, I support people to be explore how they can be in action towards their dreams and goals, by searching for constructive solutions, and by mobilizing their internal resources. Some perceive in me as calm, confident, simple, structured, and humored. I am good at simplifying complex realities and transmitting information and knowledge to others in a logical, appropriate, and helpful way. Let the game begin!

Engage & motivate your team – a hands-on interactive workshop you don’t want to miss!
with Claire Hayek

In this workshop, you will learn hands-on tools and experience interactive activities designed to improve collaboration, communication, team motivation and well-being whether applied in a virtual, hybrid or in an in-person setting. You will leave feeling empowered, open, and well-equipped to tackle the challenges team leaders face on a regular basis.

About Claire

Claire Hayek

An artist and entrepreneur, Claire has worn different hats and has walked in different shoes as an engineer, team manager, project director and singer-songwriter, to name a few. Whether as a team leader or an employee, the challenges she’s faced inspired her to create MSP Teambuilding. A published writer, Claire shares her extensive knowledge on team motivation in her recent book, “Engage & Mobilize your Team–How to get off the beaten path and get the results you need”. Claire is also a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator.