Energy, from the Greek en- (within) and -ergon (work), is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Energized people are engaged, propelled to move forward, more creative, and infectious in their positive emotions!

At NASAGA, we strongly believe that play is a portal to energy. Play adds joy to life, relieves stress, reinforces the connection to the community, boosts learning and develops skills.

While play could look like simple goofing off with friends, successful games and simulations are designed and facilitated with strong connections to meaning, mood, means, and momentum. Those strategies help better energize the participants to further reach development and performance objectives.

This year, NASAGA’S conference is taking place in the vibrant city of Montreal and promises to connect you with more insights, ideas, and strategies for playful learning!

A glimpse of what is being prepared…

  • 3 pre-conference sessions
  • Awesome planned events including a city discovery with a poutine stop, some drinks and fun at a game bar, a festive musical celebration, and more
  • 3 keynote speakers bringing light on the latest trends in facilitation, video-gaming, and more
  • 21 break-out workshops with amazing learning activities, game testing, and other crazy ideas
  • An expo time to present or promote projects and services
  • A raffle to support our scholarships with surprising prizes
  • And much more…