For Attendees

If you’re registered for NASAGA 2021 but you aren’t receiving our daily emails, please send a message to


In the video below, our Board Chair, Bethany Carr, officially welcomes you to NASAGA 2021 and gives you some tips and tricks for a successful conference.

Murder Mystery Gala

Get your 80s on!

Friday Nov. 5., 5:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm ET
Whether you’re a suspect or an innocent bystander, get a costume ready for Friday’ night’s big event! You’ll solve a dastardly crime with your fellow NASAGAns!


How to get started

If you’re all “Discord, what’s Discord?!” then read below! We will get you into our special NASAGA community.

  • To begin, use the same device you’ll use during the conference.
  • Then, click the link provided in your email (“5 Days to NASAGA”).
  • As needed, follow the prompts to install Discord and create an account.
  • You might get some extra prompts to join a Hub or find your Friends. Skip these. 
  • But DO confirm your email address so that you can begin messaging with us.

Once you can type in the message bar, you’re in!

Once you’re in

Select the NASAGA logo and look for the #introductions channel. 

Introduce yourself! Welcome to the NASAGA tailgate party* on Discord! We’ll also conduct an activity during the Opening Session, Game Night, and other official conference activities here.

Feel free to DM new contacts, build your Friends list, and look around. We’ll tell you more about how we’ll use Discord during the Opening Session of the conference. 

Extra step for volunteers

If you’re a Presenter, Producer, Communicator, or other conference volunteer, let us know in your introduction, so we can add you to special channels. (Ooh, yes, special channels!)

Conference Login Information

Getting Started

Get started on the device you’ll use for the conference. (We recommend a computer, not a phone or tablet.) 

Click the link provided in your email (“4 days to NASAGA!”). 

You’ll use the email address to which this email was sent as your username. You’ll be asked to create a password.
Watch this video for instructions to set up your account and profile.

Trouble? Email us at or ask in the #questions channel on Discord. (Join us on Discord.)

Using the Phone App

The phone app is handy for checking messages and connecting with new friends. Just click the conference link from your phone to get started.

Important: We recommend that you use a computer, not a phone or tablet, for the interactive conference sessions.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions to get started on the phone app.

Schedule your Conference

In this handy video, Bethany will tell you more about how to schedule your NASAGA 2021!

Correction: The Pre-Conference Certificate Program on Thursday is not in the app. Pre-Conference attendees will receive a separate email.

Priority! Add the Opening Session (Friday) and Closing Session (Sunday) to your conference schedule right away. And check out our Gala (Friday) and Game Night (Saturday) plans!!

Please “Click and Commit”

Our app makes it easy — too easy — to click lots of plus signs to add sessions to your schedule. And they’re all so good! 

But our presenters need real headcounts!

So please:

  • Click the sessions you’ll commit to attending.
  • Commit to the sessions you click.

Because you’re a NASAGA member, you’ll get access to all recordings of all sessions on the Member website at 

Ready Player 1 Game


Throughout the conference, you’ll receive treasure codes for the “Ready Player 1 Game.” Enter any code at the top of this section in the conference app to find out how many points it wins you.

Each point is like a raffle ticket for our prize drawing during the Closing Session on Sunday.

Trouble? Email us at


Pretend we have one of those rotating baskets full of raffle tickets. Each RP1 point is a ticket! We’ll draw virtual  “tickets” from our virtual “basket” and award these prizes:

  • Grand prize: Oculus Quest 2
  • gift cards: $100, $50, and $25
  • Premium Membership to Board Game Arena
  • More to be announced!

Prizes may be exchanged for Amazon gift cards, or the cash value donated to the NASAGA Scholarship Fund. NASAGA Board members and conference co-chairs are not eligible for prizes no matter how many points they earn.

You Give out a Code!

Set your code here.
You — yes, you! — can also give out a code to others! Tell us something unique about you and set your code in this quick survey. Do this by Thursday.

Then, as you network and get [re]acquainted with NASAGAns, find out something unique about them — and they will find out something unique about you. Look for clues in the RP1 Networking Game section of the app (to be published Friday).
As you network, ask other folks if they are … the one who was a singing waiter? the one who did an internship in Mongolia? But be more subtle than that.  If you figure out their secret, ask for their code.

Then enter the code in the Ready Player 1 Game and earn more points!!
Points! See the Ready Player 1 Game for a complete list of point-earning activities, and the RP1 Networking Clues for clues about individual folks.

Get 4 points for attending the Opening Session (Friday) and 8 points (wow!) for attending the Closing Session (Sunday). Prizes will be awarded at the Closing Session.