Louisa Rosenheck of Kahoot! Group to Keynote

Louisa Rosenheck is co-author of the book Resonant Games and teaches a graduate course on ed tech design at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

She spent over a decade doing research on digital games and creative learning at MIT, and is now the Director of Pedagogy for the Kahoot! Group.

In her keynote address at NASAGA 2021, Louisa will talk about the importance of future-ready skills in a constantly-changing world. Games are great tools for building these skills, but how do we know what students are learning, what games they should play, and what it looks like to get better at future-ready skills?

Louisa will show us how students will lead the way in choosing the skills they want to develop, and demonstrating how they have grown.

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AGENDA CORRECTION: In the graphic version, the breakout sessions on Sunday were the wrong length and the Closing Session began at the wrong time. Sunday morning sessions will be 120 minutes and the Closing Session will begin at 11:30 PT / 2:30 ET. The currently published PDF file (click AGENDA above) is now correct.

Into the Future at NASAGA 2021

November 5-7

NASAGA 2021 will be a virtual 3-day conference, to be held Friday, November 5 through Sunday, November 7. Our theme this year is “Into the Future.”

What do we mean by “Into the Future”? The worlds of training and education have been upended by COVID-19 … now what? We’ve learned how to facilitate on Zoom, but what comes next now that learner experiences and expectations have changed? Now that we’ve had to react to the mandemic, how will we be proactive to break boundaries of creativity in learning, using games and simulations, for the future? We’ll be looking for thought-leading presentations that demonstrate forward-looking approaches to teaching and training with games in this brave new world.

How will this virtual conference be different from the 2020 conference? We are going back to the shorter, focused 3-day timeline, more like our live conferences. We will have more sessions per day, and do our best to keep everyone engaged continuously for the entire event. We encourage you to set aside these days as if you were actually traveling to a 3-day conference. Plan to be in NASAGA World November 5-7!