Preconference Sessions



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for learning strategies with Hiba El-Khal

Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our behavior (programming).

Hiba El-Khal invites you to an interactive workshop to analyze how learning patterns are encoded into our brains and how we can use this information to develop improved strategies to learn efficiently. This experiential workshop will help us understand better our own functioning and those of the people we accompany through their development.

Hiba El-Khal

Hiba El-Khal
Passionate about the human being, Hiba wishes to enlighten the world with love and joy, by simplifying complex realities and creating a logical, adequate and helpful transmission.

Since her young age, she has contributed to the development of the people who surround her, especially in within the scouts.

Hiba also worked in different companies and different countries for more than 15 years where she knew how to make herself appreciated by her coworkers for her simplicity and her openness.

As a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) certified coach and trainer, she dedicates herself fully to her personal development and that of others. Hiba guides people (youth, teenagers, young adults and adults), individually or in groups, to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals and development. She also gives different workshops adapted to all ages, in communication, motivation, teamwork, and soft skills.



Designing and Facilitating Meaningful Learning with Megan Webster

In this hands-on, interactive, and playful session, we will investigate the features of meaningful workshops by each putting one together. By the end of our morning, you will have both a plan for a learning-focused workshop and a deeper understanding of how to design one. In the afternoon, we will focus on developing our facilitation skills to hone our capacity to keep learners engaged, improve their skills, and encourage contributions to the organization. Through modeling, videos, games, case studies, small-group discussions, and role-playing, we will explore and practice the critical features of expert facilitation.

Megan Webster

Megan Webster
Megan Webster, PhD, is a sought after coach, consultant, and trainer who helps transform organizations through learning.

As an expert in the development of expertise, Megan designs high quality learning programmes to support individual and organizational performance improvement. Managing Partner – Education at Effiqual, Megan brings 20 years of experience in education to her work. Her interventions include redesigning and leading professional learning systems, improving instruction at scale, implementing coaching systems, and consulting at large academic institutions. Winner of the Canadian Prime Minister’s Teaching Award, Megan is recognized for her great energy, humour, passion and rigor. Participants leave sessions with her joyful, empowered, and ready for action.



Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into the Power of Music with Claire Hayek

This workshop is designed to help you push self-imposed limits with hands-on tools and interactive activities in arts and music to guide you along the way. You will leave feeling empowered, open and simply motivated to explore your full potential.

Claire Hayek

Claire Hayek
Claire Hayek’s exceptional career is characterized by its professional diversity. Over the last 22 years, she had the chance to wear different hats and walk in different shoes whether as an engineer, a team leader, project director, a change agent and a singer-songwriter-producer to name a few.

As owner of MSP Teambuilding, she herself had many challenges that she was able to transform into positive, creative and winning experiences by daring to step out of her own comfort zone. This hands-on knowledge was key for her to develop solid tools and workshops helping leaders lead with courage, humility and authenticity.