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Thursday’s Gaming Night

The Trial of King Louis XVI- Where Do You Stand?

Get ready, and brush up on your French history! This coming October, NASAGA Rising Star award winners Mike Canterino, Jared Fishman, and fellow partner in crime, Scott Putorti, will showcase their brand of historical simulations by presenting a two-hour immersive game on the trial of Louis XVI. Players will take on the role of judges, rabble rousers, leaders, undecided voters, among other character archetypes of the French Revolutionary era. The NASAGA meeting hall will be transformed into the National Assembly in Paris, with players debating the fate of the divisive Louis. Should he be freed, restored to power, exiled, or possibly even executed?

The simulation is based around the groundbreaking system of gravitas, in which players must garner support of their peers through roleplaying their characters, presenting effective arguments, and manipulating the power vacuum in the room. Players will rally around their leaders and determine the most productive way to convince the judges on the merits of their argument—by hook or by crook.  Who thought being awarded stickers could garner one so much power! For some players it will be impossible to ignore the deception. Each character has skeletons in their closet—a secret that can be bought—that if revealed at precisely the right moment, could destroy that character’s reputation. Will you do the unthinkable if it means getting what you want?  Will you sink another character’s reputation if you know it may benefit you in the end?

The decision is up to you. How you play the game will be defined by the events and dealings you take part in. While the game will culminate in a vote to determine Louis’ fate, we will also keep a running score of each player performance. Players earn points for the gravitas they accumulate throughout the game as well as small roleplaying tasks written on each character sheet. Perhaps need to track down the shoemaker masquerading as a French noble, or maybe you have a message to pass on one of the judges who owes you a favor. You’ll only know by looking at your character sheet! Each character will be connected to someone in the room- you’ll have to play in order to find out the secrets of that character’s past! Mike, Jared, and Scott are very excited to bring their new simulation to NASAGA 2020, hosted in the beautiful, old-meets-new city of Montreal—the ideal place for such a momentous game.  Players will have the opportunity to have fun, build camaraderie with their peers, and learn quite a bit about leadership, decision-making, and what it might be like to exist in the world of French Revolutionary politics. Mike, Jared and Scott hope you’ll take what you learn from the game and bring those skills into whatever you do.


Mike Canterino
Michael Canterino has taught upper school English at Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York, for the past seven years. This year, he is also co-teaching a Collaborative Worldbuilding and Roleplaying class with Jared Fishman as a way to apply critical analysis to history and literature. Mike has presented on gaming and integrating creative writing as a means of literary analysis at conferences for NASAGA (North American Simulations and Games Association) and NYSAIS (New York State Association for Independent Schools). At Hackley, Mike also coaches soccer and lacrosse and works as an associate for the boarding program.


Jared Fishman
Jared Fishman has been a teacher since 2004, most of those years at the Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY. In his time at Hackley, he has taught history at both the middle and upper levels, and had a hand in designing new curriculum and courses throughout the school. He has served as a MS dean, ran the ASK program (After School Knowledge), and is currently is at the helm of Hackley’s game club, which meets once a month. In 2014, Jared was the recipient of the Mary Lambos award for MS teaching, as well as the Davidson Chair in History a few years later.  As of late, Jared has turned his attention to professional development, helping teachers, corporate leaders, and other individuals seeking new, inventive ways to achieve their goals within their own pedagogy.  Over the past three years, he has hosted over 80 teachers for multiple NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools) conferences focused on “Roleplaying, Games, and Simulations in the Humanities Classroom”, penned several articles for Wargames Illustrated magazine, and continues to give presentations on the use of games to foster leadership, skill development, and decision making.


Scott Putorti
Scott Putorti is a professor at Westchester Community College where he oversees testing and assessment services, as well as teaching mathematics. He has worked in higher education for over 14 years and is passionate about innovative educational approaches to help students succeed in an affordable manner and close existing equity gaps.

While gaming and role-playing always piqued the interest of Scott as he grew up, it has only been in the last 6 years that he has been able to immerse himself into these experiences. He has since become the advisor of the Gaming Guild, a tabletop gaming club at Westchester Community College, where is able to share his love of storytelling and gaming with students. He believes these experiences can make lasting impressions and provide powerful teaching moments and growth for all of those involved.



Thursday’s Expo

NASAGA’s Expo is back for the 2020 Conference!

The purpose of the EXPO is to offer presenters and participants an opportunity to showcase or sell their research, posters, games, services, products, etc.

Please remember NASAGA respectfully request presenters don’t market or sell any of their products or service during their sessions. Thank you!

The EXPO is a fun environment to interact with other participants weather selling, buying or just hanging out.

The game competition finalists will be facilitating their game entry. Participant will experience these games as judges are observing and determining the winner.

EXPO Schedule, Thursday, October 22, 2020

16:45                                     NASAGA day events end

16:45 to 17:30                    EXPO set up

17:30 to 19:30                    EXPO & Game Competition

19:30 to 21:30                    Thursday’s game night: The Trial of King Louis XVI


  • You are responsible for your own sales and sales tax.
  • Presenters have the responsibility for setting up and tearing down their space.
  • You will have 45 minutes to setup (16:45 to 17:30).
  • Selling products and services during or after conference sessions is not appropriate. It violates NASAGA’s long held tradition of creating a community of practitioners with a spirit of mutual support.
  • Presenters are encouraged to donate products or services for the Raffle; all proceeds go to scholarship fund.
  • Please respond by September 15, 2020.

If you’d like to be a vendor at the EXPO, please fill send an email with the below details to

  • Name and company name
  • Brief description of what you will showcase or sell
  • Will you need a table?
  • Will you need a powerstrip?
  • And any other questions you have



Friday’s Gaming Night

Baratanga Percussion Circle

Baratanga’s team activity seeks to facilitate the connection between members within a group in a different and dynamic way. No musical experience is required to participate and they are for every team member with, or without rhythm! Baratanga’s team activity is composed of series of game modules and activities held in a safe and non–competitive environment where respect is encouraged in order to allow everyone to express themselves freely.

Founded in Montreal in May 2008, Baratanga has for mission to be the benchmark for excellence in percussion shows, activities, corporate team buildings and recreational activities for the general public.

The company specializes in the production of percussion shows and rhythmical workshops in corporate, social, educational, after-school and community settings. Ranging from Team building to festivals or end of the year show for schools, Baratanga will produce percussion events that suits your needs.

The company stands by the expertise of its founder Louis-Daniel Joly, former artist for Cirque du Soleil. Louis-Daniel Joly is now a leading international expert in interactive percussion activity and pedagogy of teaching of percussion.