NASAGA Game Design Certificate

There is a lot of talk about games in the training field. But how do you design them? How do you use them? And don’t you need to have a robust computer platform?

The certificate program provides an opportunity for NASAGA 2020 conference participants to gain professional credibility in the design of games, activities, and simulations for education and training. Previous participants have reported real value in working and learning with experienced game designers to focus their conference experience on the specific skills they wanted to build.


By the end of the preconference, participants will:

  • Define games, activities, and simulations, and state the advantages and limitations of using them for corporate training and other educational purposes.
  • Experiment with different “frames” for interactive learning such as board games, improv games, online games, interactive lectures, textra games, simulations, and jolts.
  • Describe how to select the most appropriate frame or activity to address specific learning objectives and participant needs.
  • Apply a powerful debriefing process to the use of online and face-to-face games in order to link learning to real time workplace challenges.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate program provides an opportunity to gain professional credibility in the use of interactive strategies for learning.  Participants of the program will tailor their conference experience in order to apply concepts learned during the preconference to a work-related game design or facilitation project of their own.

There are three requirements and one optional element for the certificate program:

  1. Attend the pre-conference sessions. This is a series of two two-hour workshops that explore the basic concepts of the design and facilitation of face-to-face and online games for educational and training purposes. You can choose either Oct 15 & 16, 7-9 PM Eastern time OR Oct 16 & 17, 7-9 AM Malaysia time.
  2. Identify targeted sessions.  Participants will identify and attend three to five sessions occurring during the conference that will help them refine their skills or complete a work-related project associated with game design or facilitation.
  3. Presentation of learning.  At the end of the conference, participants attend a two-hour session in which they will give a brief presentation of a game design they have created or an aspect of facilitation that they have refined. You can choose either Oct 29, 7-9 PM Eastern time OR Oct 30, 7-9 AM Malaysia time.
  4. Optional follow-up activity.  Participants are strongly encouraged to submit their game design or a summary of their learning for publication in NASAGA’s blog, SIMAGES.  The certificate team leaders and the SIMAGES editorial board will assist with editorial feedback.

By the end of the conference, participants who select the certificate option will…

  1. Design a game, simulation, or personal action plan to address a need for education in their work setting through the facilitation, design, or use of interactive learning strategies.
  2. Present their game or simulation design or their personal action plan for facilitation skill improvement to peers and facilitators at the NASAGA conference.
  3. Receive a certificate of satisfactory completion of the Game Design and Facilitation Program of NASAGA.