Thursday’s Keynote

Think In and Out of the Box with Jimbo Clark

When people say, “Think out of the box,” what is the box you are supposed to think out of?

The box represents the boundaries of your thinking. The better you understand these boundaries, the better you can think beyond them.

Jimbo Clark

Jimbo Clark
Jimbo has been working across APAC with individuals, teams and organizations on achieving transformational change for more than 25 years. He excels at meaningfully facilitating activities, games and simulations to bring new awareness of possibilities and clear actions for future improvements.

His goal is to be a catalyst of creative change to support those he comes in contact with to become who they need to be to answer the burning questions of their lives.



Saturday’s Keynote

Gaming the (Former) Middle East Peace Process with Rex Brynen

Games can be used to teach and educate, but they can also be used to explore problems, generate new ideas, and evaluate possible solutions. Rex Brynen discusses how serious games and gaming techniques were used in support of Middle East peace negotiations from 2008 through to 2014.

Rex Brynen

Rex Brynen
Rex Brynen is Professor of Political Science at McGill University, and senior editor of the conflict simulation website PAXsims ( He is author or editor of a dozen books on various aspects of security and politics in the Middle East. He has also worked as a consultant on serious game design, facilitation, and analysis for Global Affairs Canada, the Department of National Defence, Defence Research and Development Canada, Agriculture Canada, the US State Department, the UK Ministry of Defence, NATO, various United Nations agencies, the World Bank, and others. His published game designs include AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game and MaGCK: The Matrix Game Construction Kit (both available for The Game Crafter).