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Each year, NASAGA holds an annual conference and awards scholarships for first-time attendees.

Congratulations to our 2019 Judee Blohm Scholarship award winners: Roberta Taylor and Christienne Hinz!

Also, congratulations to our 2019 Richard Powers Scholarship recipient: Darrell Cole!

Judee Blohm Scholarship

Judee Blohm was the backbone of NASAGA until her passing in July of 2013. She was long-time Editor of SIMAGES as well as Editor and facilitator of the NASAGA Training Activity book. She was an inspiration, a mentor, and a very creative person. The Judee Blohm award honors her life and dedication by providing free conference registration in her name to those who share her love of games and learning. This year, awards will be given in the amount of full conference registration.

Richard Powers Scholarship

Richard Powers was a novelist, playwright, mime performer, professor, wide-ranging educator, and game designer. He was introduced to NASAGA simulation and gaming in 1975, when he stepped into a crowded elevator and was drawn into learning how to play a numbers game. Upon his passing March 2014, a fund was created in his honor and now provides NASAGA conference registration, travel, and lodging to those who share his interest in simulation and gaming as well as apply that interest to the fields of social justice and/or sustainability. Awards will be given in the amount of full conference registration and a stipend to be applied to travel and/or lodging.

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Judee Blohm

Richard Powers