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The NASAGA 2018 conference will be in Rochester, NY, October 16-19!

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) is THE home for instructional designers, game developers, performance improvement specialists, consultants, trainers, teachers, and educators who use active learning methods to increase engagement, enhance retention, and improve performance. The conference is an interactive experience! Breakout sessions let attendees brainstorm, collaborate, and play games with a focus on learning and improving results. Attend the conference to share your expertise, gain inspiration, experiment with a new idea, and meet one of the founders of the organization.

Bring a friend!

We are also rolling out a new referral program, so invite your colleagues and receive up to $100 off your own registration ($50 per referral, up to two times).

Did you know?

NASAGA members receive $30 off registration, and non-members who register for the full conference automatically become members! If you join now, though, you get immediate access to¬†Simulation & Gaming, the members’ only forums, and other perks! Join today!

Announcing the keynote speakers!