Call for Proposals

Have you ever considered facilitating an interactive session at a gaming and simulation conference? If so, now is your chance to share those experiences and have fun with like-minds!  The call for proposals is open until July 1, 2018 (new date!) and we want to hear from you.

You are invited to submit a proposal to one of our 3 session types:

  • Case Study/Playtesting Session – Allows attendees to play a game or simulation that you have designed or are using in your work, and debrief the experience and the design of the experience. This type of session is good if you are looking for feedback or want to share an experience you are developing.
  • Workshop Session – Allows attendees to learn about a technique or mechanic you are using in your work, and spend time implementing it themselves. This type of session is good if you want to share procedural information or get others to build games and simulations themselves.
  • Interactive Poster Session – Allows you to share your research findings or current work at an evening poster session and expo.

To submit, just scroll down and fill out the form!

What is NASAGA looking for in a session?

  • We want interactive, hands-on sessions that include time for debrief and discussions.
  • We want “Aha!” moments that inspire us to build upon what you shared.
  • We want to play games.
  • We want to have fun while learning or brainstorming.

Possible topics include

  • Free-choice and life-long learning
  • Game-based or simulation-based learning
  • Game and simulation design and development
  • Game mechanics and skinning

How is the NASAGA Conference Different?
The strength of NASAGA conferences lies in the interactive breakout sessions. That’s why we’re looking for presenters from all corners: teachers, professors, instructional designers, game designers, facilitators, speakers, performance improvement specialists, consultants, corporate trainers, and more. Check out prior conference agendas and videos for ideas!

Additional thoughts on sessions
Do you have a great idea but are bored with the typical constraints of conference presentations? Consider experimenting with an alternative style of presentation to engage the audience.

Did you create or modify a game that facilitated learning? The audience might benefit from a chance to play the game before learning about it.

Do you have an idea that you want to try out or a process that you found successful? Consider making your session a game jam or collaborative working session.

To submit a proposal, fill out the form below. We recommend writing the session out in a word processor and copying and pasting it into the form, to ensure that all of the information is captured by the form.

All proposals are due July 1 (new date!). Acceptances will be sent by the end of July.

We hope to hear from you soon!