Thank you for checking out what volunteer opportunities we have for the NASAGA 2017 conference in Reno, Nevada!

We have many volunteer roles that we are looking to fill, and we will be having regular planning meetings over the coming months.

All positions, except those noted below, require attendance at the 2017 conference.

Please review the roles and descriptions below, and let us know if you would like to help out! Let us know what your ideal time for conference committee/volunteer meetings would be (evenings, weekends, lunchtime on Tuesday?). Some of the roles can be combined if you would like to be more deeply involved, so please feel free to think outside the box, or propose something if you have an idea of how else you might like to help!

Role Description Timing & Commitment
Registration Volunteer

*Does not need to attend conference

Helps before the conference to monitor registrations and make sure that all presenters are registered (potential for long term volunteering with NASAGA) before the conference, low time commitment
Sponsorship/Partnership Volunteer

*Does not need to attend conference

Contacts potential sponsors and partners to solicit donations for the auction as well as sponsorship of things like the gala before the conference, high time commitment
Social Media Volunteer (need multiple) Retweets NASAGA announcements about the conference, does outreach to his or her network to expand awareness of NASAGA before the conference, especially for the CFP and registration announcements. During the conference, live-tweets whichever session they are in for retweeting by the main NASAGA accounts. before and during the conference, medium time commitment
Session Monitor Volunteer (need multiple) Introduces presenters, keeps track of time, and makes sure attendees are aware of and are asked to complete session evaluations. May be combined with the social media volunteer position. during the conference, low time commitment
Registration Desk Volunteer (need multiple ) Welcomes attendees to the conference, checks-in attendees, and distributes information and swag at the registration desk. during the conference, low to medium time commitment
Presenter Concierge Volunteer (need multiple) Reaches out to presenters before the conference to welcome them and double check on any extra requirements they might have, troubleshoots for presenters, making sure that they have the resources and set up they need in their rooms. May need to field tech questions. before and during the conference, medium time commitment
Auction Volunteer (need multiple) Reaches out to conference attendees to remind them about the scholarship auction, and solicit donations. Organizes and sets up the auction items on site, and acts as a point person during the silent and live auctions. If interested, may also include auctioneer duties. before and during the conference, medium time commitment