The NASAGA 2017 conference will be in Reno, Nevada, October 24-27!

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) is THE home for instructional designers, game developers, performance improvement specialists, consultants, trainers, teachers, and educators who use active learning methods to increase engagement, enhance retention, and improve performance. The conference is an interactive experience! Breakout sessions let attendees brainstorm, collaborate, and play games with a focus on learning and improving results. Attend the conference to share your expertise, gain inspiration, experiment with a new idea, and meet one of the founders of the organization.

Keynote Announcement: Lindsey Tropf of Immersed Games!

Lindsey Tropf, Co-founder & CEO of Immersed Games, was a doctoral candidate at the University of Florida in School Psychology, with a specialization in Program Evaluation and a Minor in Research & Evaluation Methodology, with expertise in data based decision making. Her background has led to expertise in teaching & learning, children’s development, social-emotional health, behavioral management, and executive functions.


Keynote Announcement: David Simkins of RIT!

David Simkins is an assistant professor of Game Design and Development at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He writes about, creates, and plays role playing games both digitally and face-to-face. His research and development work plays with the intersection of role play, ethics, and learning and in addition to his book, The Arts of LARP, his current projects include a world history curriculum for higher education leveraging live-action role playing (larp) as a tool for learning, with Jonathan Truitt, and a digital role playing game that teaches basic statistics concepts through play, with RIT’s MAGIC Studio and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.